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The mining engineering division is equipped with about 60 mining engineering technical staff, incl. one state-recognized survey & design maser, 1 design master in the nonferrous industry, 35 senior engineers (incl. professor senior engineer), among whom there are 10 state registered mining engineers, 3 registered mechanical engineers, 1 National Labor Medal winner and 1 national excellent chief designer in the nonferrous metal industry.
The mining engineering division is mainly involved in the engineering design, consultation, supervision and EPC-based project contacting of the non-coal mines (nonferrous mines, ferrous mines, gold mines, RE mines, building material mines, chemical mines and coal mines), covering resources like Al, Cu, Pb, Zn, W, Mo, Ni, Tin, Sb, Hg, Ag, Fe, Au, Bi, In, granite, limestone, sodium sulfate, phosphrous and sulfur, etc.). Besides, CINF is also involved in engineering design of sighting elevators and passenger ropeways and large–scale blasting and underground large-scale goaf treatment. Through longtime engineering practice and international technical exchange and cooperation, the mining engineering division has mastered the advanced mining technologies both home and abroad and has been a pioneer in China in the field of mines engineering design and consultation.
With over 60 years industrialization practices, the mining engineering division has undertaken about 1,000 mine engineering and consultation projects with rich experiences in the design of oversize and large-scale mines, particularly over 1,000m deep underground mines and oversize open pit with high altitude and extremely complicated conditions. The main typical projects are described as follows 2,000,000tpa underground mining operation of Guangdong Fankou Pb-Zn Mine; 3,000,000tpa underground mining operation of Jinchuan Longshou Mine; 2,000,000tpa underground mining operation of Huaxi Dachang Tongken Tin Mine; 600,000tpa underground mining operation of Hubei Sanxin Au-Cu Mine; 1,000,000tpa underground mining operation of Shizuyuan Complex Mine; 9,700,000tpa open-pit mining operation for Phase I construction of Huayin Alumina Refinery,  8,800,000tpa open-pit mining operation of Pinguo Bauxite Mine of Guangxi Branch of CHINALCO; 20,000,000tpa open-pit mining  operation of Luanchuan Sandaozuang Mo Mine, 10,000,000tpa open-pit mining operation of Nannihu Mo Mine of Luanchuan Longyu Mo Company, Mining and Mineral Processing Project of Mongolia Turmutin Ovoo Zn Mine, Henyang Qilijing Mirabilite Mine,  Comprehensive Treatment of 4# Goaf of Guangxi Beishan Mining Development Company Ltd., Goaf Treatment in Luanchuan Sandaozhuang Mo Mine. The capacity of the largest mine designed by CINF is up to 99 billon t/a (0.3 million t/a), the world largest open pit mine built in one phase. Besides, CINF has designed the 330m high Zhangjiajie Shuiraoshimeng sighting elevator and the Asia longest passenger ropeway Tianmenshan Ropeway. 
The mining engineering division is awarded with about 100 state-level and provincial-level prizes for the technological development and excellent engineering design, e.g. Mining Project of Phase I Construction of Pingguo Bauxite Mine, with second prize for the technological progress and with gold medal for the excellent engineering; Technical Upgrading Project of Fankou Pb-Zn Mine, with state-level gold medal for the excellent engineering; Development and Application of Northwest Guangxi Karst Accumulative Bauxite Mines, with provincial-level special award for technology.In addition, about 20 projects are awarded with ministerial-level first prizes for excellent engineering, e.g. Phase II Construction of Pingguo Bauxite Mine, 15,000tpd open-pit mine expansion project of Luanchuan Sandaozhuang Mo Mine, Phase II Construction of Giguangzui Gold Mine and Shandong Guilaizhuang Gold Mine, etc.
In the last few years, the mining engineering division has participated as editor-in-chief in the compilation of Chinese standard Mining Design Code and Tutorial Text Book for Professional Examination of  National Survey & Design Registered Mining/Mineral Processing Engineer (Mining) Qualification, has participated in the compilation of decades of state-level, industry-level and provincial-level standards and codes for the various project construction.