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CINF has technical staff over 40 in beneficiation engineering, including 1 nonferrous industry design master, 16 senior engineers (incl. professor senior engineers), over 10 beneficiation staff have national prospective design registration qualification and other registered qualifications.
CINF has developed Φ2400X900mm wet autogenous mill as early as 1960s and successfully applied to Jiangxi Dexing Copper Mine; according to the local conditions, autogenous grinding process has adopted for Shitouzui copper iron mine with saving a lot of investment; strong magnetic flotation process is used for refractory copper-iron oxide ore processing such as Hubei Tonglushan, with advanced equipment and remarkable technical-economic outcome. In the design of Guangxi Dachang cassiterite sulphide ore, dense medium pre-separation is used to realize waste disposal rate (30%-40%), while it is successfully refreshed the traditional gravity separation process in China, high-efficient cone concentrator is adopted, in terms of cassiterite flotation and recovery, each indicator is advanced and in a leading position in China. In technical upgrading of Guangdong Fankou lead-zinc mine, introducing advanced equipment from Finland and America has improved the mineral processing recovery by 0.5% to 1.0%. Carbon-in-leach process for gold extraction, heating and pressure for gold-loaded carbon stripping are used in Huangshilao gold mine, not only reducing the capital cost and operating cost, but also improving the index; new process such as all-sliming cyanided zinc powder replacement, tailings washing pressure filtration and dry stacking, barren solution recycling are adopted in Shangdong Guizhuang gold mine to reduce the reagent consumption, extend the leaching time and improve the leaching rate; drop-leaching technique is used in heap leaching process of Sichuan Gala gold mine to reduce the operating cost. A new process for recovering vanadium pentoxide from stone coal by acid leaching and solvent extraction is adopted in Shanxi Zhongcun vanadium plant, it has improved the recovery by 15-25% compared to traditional sodiumzation-roasting technology, and it is the largest and first enterprise in China to use the new process (acid leaching and solvent extraction), it not only solve the environmental problem of traditional process, but also create a new road for recovering vanadium pentoxide from stone coal in China. A new reagent with a good flotation performance for scheelite and wolframite is used in Hunan Shizuyuan complex mine, which has replaced the traditional separation process of gravity separation combined with flotation by single flotation process, to treat such ores, simplifying the flowsheet and improving the mineral recovery.
In recent years, numerous tests and exploration works have been carried out to study the application of flotation column in Mo, Ni and scheelite beneficiation. The first industrial application of such technology is in Luanchuan Mo mine, where the Mo concentrate grade (improved from 47% to 51%) and recovery (improved from 80% to 86%) have significantly increased, brining great economic benefits to the company. Furthermore, CINF has lots of experiences in producing iron oxide red magnetic material and coating materials.
The beneficiation engineering discipline of CINF has participated in drafting multiple industry specifications and CINF’s scientific research subjects has won over 20 national, provincial and ministerial level excellent design awards (including national science and technology progress award and excellent engineering design gold medal).