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CINF is the one of the earliest institutes to obtain Class A Design and Consultation Qualification Certificates in metallurgical industry issued by national Ministry of Construction. It has engaged in engineering design and research in the fields of heavy nonferrous metals, light nonferrous metals, ferrous metals, rare earth and precious metals smelting, hard alloy, down-stream metal processing, hazardous industrial wastes treatment, and acid making from pyrite or smelting off-gas, etc. Our product portfolios cover Cu, Pb, Zn, Sb, Bi, Cd, Ni, Ge, Al, W, Mo, Ta, Nb, V, Mn, Au, Ag and rare earth metals, etc. CINF has a strong technical force of metallurgy, over 80 technical staff specialized in metallurgical engineering design and research, including 3 industry design masters, 16 professor senior engineers, 27 senior engineers and 39 engineers, and at present 34 are registered engineers in consultation, metallurgy and so on.
Since its establishment, CINF has undertaken thousands of metallurgy projects, of which over 500 are large-scale projects. CINF has offered engineering design consultation services, construction and expansion for over 100 smelting enterprises both at home and abroad, the total nonferrous metal smelting capacity reaches up to 5,000,000 t/a, acid-making capacity about 4,000,000 t/a; W, Mo, Ta,Nb, V and rare earth smelting processing capacity about 80,000t/a, and hard alloy processing capacity about 20,000t/a.
The main technical advantages of smelting: in terms of copper smelting, CINF has advanced forces in China and holds the technologies such as oxygen-enriched side-blown blister copper bath smelting (CSC-Cu), ISA or Ausmelt blister copper smelting and low-grade copper oxide heap leaching-extraction-electrode smelting. At present, the design of 150,000t/a electrolytic copper project is carried out using CSC-Cu technology. in terms of lead-zinc complex mine, CINF has mastered ISP lead-zinc smelting technology and designed several sets in China with production capacity up to 500,000t/a. Meanwhile, CINF holds multiple direct lead smelting technologies in respect of lead smelting, such as design of 50,000t/a lead smelter with Kaldo furnace technology, design and contracting of two 100,000t/a lead smelters with currently most advanced Kivcet direct lead smelting process in the word, design of 80,000t/a lead smelter with oxygen-enriched side-blown bath smelting and one lead smelter with oxygen-enriched bottom-blown oxidation and reduction. CINF directly participates the design and production of oxygen-enriched side-blown lead smelting process, and now is designing multiple plants for processing lead-bearing materials; advanced technologies such as large anode plate mould casting, automatic manufacturing cathode, automatic distance array between anode and cathode, automatic washing anode scrap, large electrolytic lead kettle and lead smelting kettle are the first to adopt for lead bullion refining. In terms of Zn smelting, high temperature and high acid—jarosite process is firstly adopted to setup 3 lines which is beneficial to treat Zn concentrate bearing high indium and iron; direct Zn concentrate oxygen pressure leaching for Zn smelting technology is designed for 100,000t/a Zn smelter;large scale Zn concentrate fluidized bed roaster (maximum area of 119m2) and calcine cooling techniques are developed; large electrode plate for electro-winning and automatic Zn stripping techniques etc. In addition, CINF has designed 10,000t/a Ni smelter with oxygen-enriched side-blown bath smelting technique; 4000t/a metal cobalt production with extraction--electrowinning process; 30,000t electrolytic manganese and 20,000t electrolytic manganese dioxide production with direct reduction leaching technology from low-grade manganese oxide material; integrated fuming furnace--waste heat boiler technology and low-concentration sulphur dioxide gas with two-stage rotation and two-stage absorption for acid-making in China. CINF has mastered iron exchange extraction in rare metals smelting, multi-tube reduction and automatic carbonization in powder metallurgy, high-energy ball milling, spray-drying, low-pressure sintering and coating in hard alloy, cold and hot isostatic pressing and injection moulding in new materials processing, which have been widely used in projects design and production.
In recent years, especially in heavy non-ferrous metal smelting and comprehensive recovery aspects of Pb, Zn, Cu, Co, Ni and Mn, a lot of technological innovation activities are carried out, which have made important contributions to promoting the progress of science and technology in industry. Many technological innovation results, represented by oxygen-enriched side-blown bath smelting, oxygen-pressure leaching for zinc smelting and Kivcet lead smelting have achieved the international and domestic advanced level.
The metallurgical engineering projects designed by CINF have obtained national, provincial and ministerial-level excellent engineering design, technology progress and technological innovation rewards over 120. Moreover, CINF is one of the editors in chief of Heavy Nonferrous Metal Smelting Design Manual in Nonferrous Industry.