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Tailings Storage Facility


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The tailings storage facility (TSF) engineering team is an integral professional team for consultation, design, supervision and EPC contracting of various projects focusing on the on the tailings storage facilities, integrated with pipeline transfer, hydraulic structure, landfill and sewage treatment, etc. The TSF engineering team has profound technological base and brilliant historical performance. It has designed over hundreds of domestic and international TSF  projects, in which No.2 TSF of Jiangxi Dexing Copper Mine, Chaishanyanchong TSF of Hunan Chenzhou Shizuyuan, Shangchaohu TSF of Hubei Fengshan Copper Mine, Huiling TSF of Guangxi Dachangche beneficiation, Luchanggou TSF of Henan Luanchuan Molybdenum Company and Youjiagou TSF, etc. are over 100m high dam.  Moreover, TSF of Mongolia Tumurtin-Ovoo Zinc Mine is constructed in the alpine region. All these TSF are in good operation at present. The designed large-scale TSF in karst areas such as Banxia mud storage facility, Longbu mud storage facility and Longdeng mud storage facility of Chinalco Guangxi branch and Jiangwan mud storage facility and Longshan mud storage facility of Huayin Aluminium Co. are in stable operation for a long time. The designed project such as Zhuzhou Xiawan sewage treatment plant, Linxiang sewage treatment plant, Changde sewage treatment plant and Tiantai County landfill are all running well and favorably noticed.
Professor Ge Zhen, Professor Yan Xuejun and Senior Engineer Guo Tianyong of tailings engineering were hired as TSF engineering panel members of state work safety in non-coal mine industry by State Administration of Work Safety, and Guo Tianyong is served as vice director of the expert group. Meanwhile, CINF has been selected as the TSF engineering supporting institution of state work safety in non-coal mine industry. Furthermore, CINF is also the editor in chief of TSF Safety Technology Regulations, and participated in the preparation of several other technology regulations regarding to TSF.