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Municipal Facilities


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CINF is capable to undertake the engineering design of >1,000,000tpd industrial water supply works and city water works. In 1970s, CINF designed φ35m large accelerated clarifier which is under normal operation until now. CINF is quite experienced in the design of water pump houses based on 17KM adverse grade water diversion and submersible water pump houses and in the engineering of surface water, underground water and reclaimed water extraction projects.
CINF is capable to undertake the engineering of municipal drainage projects and heavy metal containing waste water treatment projects. The daily throughput of city sewage treatment plants designed by CINF are up to 100,000t with advanced and well-established technologies like SBR, A2O, modified oxidation ditch and continuous integral activated sludge process, etc. CINF is specialized in the engineering for the treatment of industrial waste water containing heavy metal ion (high-As and high-Hg) and fluoride. CINF has compiled as editor-in-chief the Design Specification for Chemical Treatment of Heavy Metal Containing Sewage. In recent years, CINF has accumulated abundant experiences in the engineering of leachate from printing and dyeing, pharmacy, coking, food and landfill waste.