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CINF is one of the first design institutes obtained Class A qualifications for architectural engineering and the first in Hunan Province to design the high-rise buildings. With over 50-year architectural engineering design history, CINF is well established with over 40 registered architects, registered structural engineers and planning engineers and with powerful technical team consisting of senior designers in the field of planning, general layout engineering, electrical engineering, communication, water supply and drainage, heating and ventilation, OPEX and CAPEX estimate, etc. CINF is experienced with strong technical backup, covering a wide scope of services, from civil buildings to industrial buildings, from architectural engineering to planning. 
For years, CINF has paid significant attentions to engineering of diversified structures and buildings, such as international finance center, five-star hotels, superior villas, administrative buildings, college and university buildings, research building, hospitals, telecommunication building, commercial complex, archive building, cultural palace, large wholesale market, underground garage, airport, wharf, theater, gym, high-class restaurant, international conference hall, etc. to form an experienced design team. CINF is experienced in the design of high-rise and super high-rise buildings. In the 1980s, CINF designed the first group of high-rise buildings in Hunan Province. Now, it has designed over 200 high-rise buildings, some of which have become the local city landmarks. 
CINF is also advantageous for the design of residential housing, urban design, planning and design of residential quarters and development zones. CINF is interested in the town planning and design to offer technical service for the town construction. CINF is also quite experienced in planning and design of industrial zones and high-tech zones and design of various plant buildings and accessory facilities with performances in the architectural planning and design of many plants and mines, the process buildings designed by CINF has max span up to 54m. CINF has been involved in the planning and design of large mines and plants with domestic and international influence.