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CINF has obtained the state-level Class A qualifications for environmental impact assessment and for design of waste water, waste gas and solid waste treatment projects. It is one of the most powerful institutes with comprehensive strength in the environmental impact assessment and environmental engineering Environmental Protection Engineering Department is a professional organization under CINF for environmental protection technology. It was set up in 1982. Through over 30-year effort, it is equipped with over 30 certified environmental impact assessment professionals, incl. 12 state-level registered EIA engineers, 2 state-level registered environmental protection engineers, 3 with EIA qualifications issued by Asian Development Bank, 2 with state-level registered safety assessment qualifications. Among the EIA professionals, 3 are professor senior engineers, 12 are senior engineers, 10 are engineers and 8 are technicians. Equipped with advanced management system and modern office facilities, the department is mainly involved in environmental engineering design of various industries both at home and abroad and the EIA in the field of mine, metallurgy and electro-mechanical engineering, social region, construction materials and thermal power engineering, etc.
In recent years, the department has completed hundreds of EIA of and engineering designs of large-scale and medium-scale projects, which have passed the technical review organized by China Ministry of  Environmental Protection or provincial and city environmental protection agencies with high evaluation and full affirmation by the clients and review experts.     
The department has compiled as the editor-in-chief or the editor many national standards and regulations such as Design Specification for Nonferrous Industrial Environmental Protection Works, Design Specification for Heavy Metal Waste Water Treatment by Chemical Process. national mandatory standard (to be enforced soon), Pb-Zn Pollutants Discharge Standard for Nonferrous Metal Industry, Pollution –free Production Standard for Pb-Zn Smelters, Pollution –free Production Standard for Pb Electrowinning Operations and professional reference books like Practical Guideline for Mine Environmental Protection.