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Huachu High-tech Co., Ltd. is CINF’s fully-owned subsidiary as CINF’s industrialization platform. It is a technological enterprise specialized in the development and manufacturing of nonferrous metal mines and smelters equipment and industrial control products. Relying on the technical force of CINF, the company is equipped with a professional team with high academic qualifications, high professional titles, complete discipline, complementary knowledge framework and reasonable age structure and with powerful ability for new product development, design and equipment manufacturing. In the last 10 years, the company has been committed to the development of the high-efficiency and energy-saving new technology, new equipment and new materials for the mining, mineral processing and smelting operations and has converted the design results into the product superiority to provide better sweeping service to the clients and supply complete set of mining, processing and smelting equipment, incl. CCF new flotation columns, CGJ series high-efficiency agitators, ultrafine grinders, trommel washers, launder scrubbers, tramcar, skips, cages, underground hoisting equipment, frequency variable vibrating feeders and slurry automatic sampler, etc. for the mining and mineral processing operation, Pb anode (or scrap anode) transfer unit, Pb anode and scrap anode feeding unit, deposited Pb conveying unit, Zn electrowinning automatic multi-function crane and automatic Zn stripping line, Zn cathode automatic transfer line and metallurgical furnaces,etc for the smelters.
The company is the first in China to develop and manufacture counter-current contact, aerated flotation column, possessing core technology for CCF new type flotation column, which is up to advanced level both at home and abroad and passed the appraisal in 2008 by Hunan provincial Science and Technology Agency of scientific and technological achievements, and has won first prize for Science and Technology in China Nonferrous Metal Industry and first prize by CHINALCO for Scientific and Technological Advancement. Patented trommel washer was listed in 2013 as Hunan provincial key patent for invention and has been successfully applied into many projects both at home and abroad.
The nonferrous metallurgical equipment developed and manufactured by the company has been successfully applied in China large smelters like Zhuzhou Smelter Group, Jiangxi Copper Company, West Mining and Danxia Smelter of Zhongjinglinan Nonfemet Company. The intelligent and reliable products manufactured by the company have received consistent good appraisal and recognition from the clients. 
The company has been actively involved in the development of international market with products exported to Asia, Africa and Oceania. For example, the company has been involved in the provision of several batches of washing equipment and accessory spare parts, equipment erection to Ruimu Ni-Co project in Papua New Guinea, provision of complete set of washing equipment to Mn Project in Africa Ivory Coast and mineral processing equipment to Mongolia Pb-Zn Project and provision to Iran and North Korea the smelting equipment, the company has built up rich experience in the overseas equipment supply and erection.