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Hunan Huachu Construction Consultation and Supervision Company, established in 1993, is an independent legal entity under CINF. Now, it has obtained the qualifications for construction supervision of buildings, smelters projects, municipal utilities works and mine projects. It is one of the first equipment and construction supervision companies in Hunan Province, manned with 108 supervision engineers, incl. 36 national certified supervision engineers, 14 supervision engineers certified by Ministry of Communication, 2 certified equipment engineers, 7 certified Class I construction engineers and 2 certified cost estimate engineers and 33 Hunan provincial-level certified supervision engineers.
The company has established a set of scientific, integral, strict, practicable and high-efficiency decision-making mechanism/operating mechanism, incentive mechanism and supervisory mechanism,and passed in 2008 the certification of quality (GB/T 19001-2000), environment (GB/T 24001-2004) and occupational health to ensure the project supervision, checkup and management as per quality  requirement. The company has insisted on the independence, fairness, serviceability and scientificity to form a unique spiritual quality of “Integrity and practical and striving for excellence” with good supervision effect and social reputation. Relying on the abundant technical strength of the home office, the company is competent to undertake the whole-process project management and supervision services for the project construction in the field of housing construction, municipal works, mine, smelters, road transportation, electromechanical equipment erection, etc.
Since its establishment, the company has undertaken over 300 supervision projects in respect of large-size, medium-size and small size buildings construction, municipal utility works, mine project, smelters, road transportation and electromechanical equipment erection, etc., with decades of awards for high-quality projects.
The company has actively developed the international business and has built up rich experiences in the overseas projects through the supervision and construction management of various overseas projects such as Vietnam copper smelter, Pakistan Pb-Zn Mine, Laos Au Mine and Eritrea Au Mine, etc..