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Since 1980s, CINF has been involved in the consultation, engineering design and construction technical service of lots of projects in the field of electrical engineering, light industry, textile industry, construction materials and chemical engineering.
CINF has designed self-contained power stations for many large enterprises, most of which are operating based on the heat-power cogeneration or heat-power-cold air cogeneration to make most of the equipment potential , save the energy. Some of these power stations stand alone, mostly distributed in the metallurgical and chemical industries. 
Since 1980s, CINF has been involved in the consultation and design of various projects in the food industry, especially in the liquor-making industry, such as Xiangquan Distillery, Jiugui Distillery, Wuling Distillery and Baisha Distillery, the famous liquors in China and for the construction, expansion and technical upgrading of many large and medium distilleries. CINF has designed several edible fat and oil projects and tungsten and Mo wires plants for electric light source with capacity of 60000~150000 t/a, which are located in Zhuzhou, Nanjing, Benxi, Yizhou, Tianjin and Ganzhou, etc..
CINF has designed 300,000tpa bicycle plant, 1,000,000tpa (wood clock) and 300,000tpa (watch) and clock factory. In terms of textile industry, CINF has been involved in the technical upgrading projects of tens of cotton mills, flax mills and wool mills. In terms of building material industry, CINF has undertaken the design of granite /limestone mines and dalle processing plant. In terms of chemical industry, CINF has made contributions to the construction of the phosphorite mines in Hunan. Hubei and Guizhou, Guangdong pyrite mine and Hengyang mirabilite mine and it has played an important role in the sulfuric acid industry (mainly for acid making from the smelter off-gas).