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1) Supervision of mine engineering projects:
① Expansion and technical upgrading project of 180kt/a lead-zinc plant of Fankou lead-zinc mine in Guangdong
② Mining and processing project of 3,500t/d Jinfeng gold mine in Guizhou
③ Mining, processing and metallurgical project of Baoshan 2kt/d platinum-palladium mine in Yunnan
④ Mining and processing project of 1kt/d Chang’an gold mine in Yunnan
⑤ Mining and processing project of Jinchanghe 7,300t/d copper-iron-lead-zinc mine in Yunnan
⑥ Wuchangping 1,500t/d tin project in Hunan
⑦ Mining project of Baishizhang molybdenum mine in Guangdong
⑧ Mining and processing project of Houyu copper-molybdenum mine in Shanxi

2) Supervision of metallurgical projects:
① Technical upgrading project of 50kt/a lead bullion smelting operation of Western Mining Group
② 15kt/a electrolytic manganese metal, 60kt/a sulfur-based sulphuric acid and 100kt/a manganese powder pulverizing of Jinrui New Material Science and Technology Co., Ltd                                                          
③ Construction supervision of 8~10kt/a APT operation of Jiangxi Xiushui Ganbei Tungsten Industry Plant
④ 300kt technical upgrading project, 300kt technical upgrading of System I and System II of Shaoguan Smelter
⑤ “Zero discharge” advanced treatment of waste water in Shaoguan Smelter
⑥ 100kt/a zinc oxygen-pressure leaching project of Guangdong Jinshi Metallurgical and Chemical Plant
⑦ Technical upgrading and expansion project of 30kt electrolytic manganese metal operation of Guizhou Tongren Jinfeng Manganese Industry Co.
⑧ Technical upgrading project (Phase II) of Qinhai Lithium Industry Co.

3) Supervison of architectural engineering projects:
① Changsha Zhengli Mansion
② Changsha Mobile Communication Junction Building
③ Changde Mobile Communication Building
④ Eastern Square Of Changsha New Century Sports Center
⑤ Changsha Luqiao Mansion
⑥ Changsha New Century Sports Apartment
⑦ Changsha Yingangshuijing Living Quarters
⑧ Changsha Greentown Guihuacheng Living Quarters
⑨ Economically-affordable Housing of CINF
⑩ Changsha New Times Square
⑪ Changsha Wuyi Avenue
⑫ Motian mansion
⑬ Huasheng New Century Living Quarters
⑭ Emergency Rescue Command Center of Hunan Huanghua International Airport

4) Supervision of municipal works:
① 40,000km2 scenic spot construction project of Orange Beach
② Upgrading project of the south road of Changsha Train Station
③ Upgrading project of Changsha No.2 Sewage Treatment Plant
④ Torch tower project of the Fifth City Games
⑤ East square of Changsha new century sports culture center
⑥ Lighting project of Changsha Park
⑦ Changsha solid waste treatment plant