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International Cooperation


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In 1980’s, CINF obtained the Permit (issued by the state Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation) for Undertaking Foreign Projects and Labor Service Cooperation. CINF has been permitted to be worldwide involved in:
a)Contracting of survey, consultation, engineering design, supervision and management of the overseas projects in the industry;
b)Exporting equipment and materials for the above projects;
c)Dispatching abroad professionals for survey, consultation, engineering design, supervision and project management;
d)Setup various enterprises abroad as per state regulation.
Over 30 years, CINF has been actively involved in the contracting, engineering design and consultation of overseas projects. CINF has offered services of engineering design, consultation, project contracting and equipment export to decades of countries such as USA, Venezuela, Brazil, Peru, Russia, Mongolia, Vietnam, Laos, Indonesia, Australia, Papua New Guinea, Iran, North Korea, Thailand, India, Tadzhikistan, Saudi Arabia, Guinea, Ivory Coast, Mozambique and Congo, etc. The projects undertaken by CINF include Romania Cemented Carbide Plants, North Korea RE smelter, Thailand Pb-Sb Alloy Plant, Mongolia Ovoo Zn-Pb Mine, India Lanjigarh Alumina Plant, Iran Fe-Mo Plant, Iran Zn Plant and Anode Plant, Mongolia Zn-Fe Complex Mine, Tadzhikistan Pb-Zn Smelter, Eritrea Gold Mine and Laos Gold Mine, etc.
With the increasing of foreign investment in China, CINF has offered all-around service to the exclusively foreign owned companies or Sino-foreign joint ventures and cooperation projects and has assisted the clients from Australia, Singapore, Malaysia and Japan as well as in the districts of Hongkong and Taiwan to construct the projects in Shaanxi, Tianjing, Wuhan, Xiamen, Zhuhai, Guangzhou, Shenzen and Hunan.
CINF has actively carried out foreign communication and cooperation by invitation of the foreign specialists to China or professionals going abroad for overseas investigation and cooperation with the international well-known engineering and consultation companies to introduce the new design concept and advanced technologies and know well about the international engineering standards and regulations. Up to now, CINF has established cooperative relationship with the well-known consultation companies and research institutes like KZ Eastern Research Institute of Nonferrous Mining and Metallurgy, Russia Ni-Co Research Institute,  WorleyParsons, SRK, Jacobs, Snowde, etc.
CINF believes that there will be more and more opportunities for CINF to cooperate with various countries in the world with the continuous expansion of pattern of China’s opening to the outside world and continuously rapid economic development. Relying on the powerful technical strength, CINF will offer more high-quality services to the foreign friends all over the world.