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CINF Engineering Corporation Limited (or simply “CINF” for short), the former Changsha Engineering and Research Institute Ltd. of Nonferrous Metallurgy, is one of the earliest large comprehensive engineering companies in China. It was founded in 1953 and successively affiliated to China’s Ministry of Heavy Industry, Ministry of Metallurgical Industry, China Nonferrous Metals Industry Corporation and China Nonferrous Metals Industry Bureau. In 2007, CINF joined China Aluminum Corporation (CHINALCO) and was restructured in 2011 into the one-person limited liability company funded by China Aluminum International Engineering Co., Ltd (CHALIECO).
CINF has a total staff of over 1,000, counting in the personnel in the project site teams and branches. There are more than 700 engineering technicians, including 1 national engineering survey and design master, 6 national nonferrous metals industry design masters, nearly 100 professor senior engineers, more than 200 senior engineers and about 300 engineers. There are about 300 national registered engineers in the field of mining and mineral processing, metallurgy, architectural and structural engineering, electrical engineering, cost estimate, supervision, consultation (investment) and construction. CINF is competent with first-class qualifications on engineering design, consultation, general contracting, geotechnical investigation, supervision, environmental impact assessment, etc..
CINF has 37 technical professions in the field of mining, beneficiation, geological survey, smelting, cemented carbide, mechanism, architectural engineering, structure, dust collection, acid-making, environmental protection, electrical engineering, instrumentation, communication, water supply and drainage, hydraulic engineering, heating and ventilation, thermal energy, road and bridge engineering, shaft construction, general layout, operating cost estimate , budgeting, etc..
Since its foundation, CINF has completed over 10,000 various kinds of engineering consultation and design projects, including over 1,000 national large and medium size key projects and won over 400 national, provincial or ministerial-level awards for consultation and design, or science and technology progress for excellent engineering.
Besides, CINF also accomplishes outstanding achievements in EPC-based project contracting, construction supervision, geotechnical investigation and equipment manufacturing. It has been rated as one of the “top 100” enterprises for years by China joint network of engineering project management due to the EPC contracting ability.
CINF has been actively involved in the overseas project contracting, design and consultation. We have hitherto provided engineering design, consultation, contracting and equipment export for dozens of foreign countries, such as the United States, Venezuela, Brazil, Peru, Russia, Mongolia, Vietnam, Laos, Indonesia, Australia, Papua New Guinea, India, Tajikistan, Saudi Arabia, Guinea, Ivory Coast, Mozambique, Congo and so on. The projects built include a cemented carbide plant in Romania, a rare earth smelter in North Korea, a lead-antimony alloy plant in Thailand, the Turmutin-Ovoo zinc mine in Mongolia, the supporting mine of Lanjigarh alumina project in India, a Fe-Mo plant, a zinc plant and  anode plant in Iran, etc.. Some of the projects under construction are: a zinc-iron polymetallic mine in Mongolia, a lead-zinc smelter in Tajikistan, a gold mine in Eritrea, a gold mine in Laos, etc.. CINF has also set up good relationship with many famous foreign companies.
With the enlargement of China’s external exchange and rapid development of economy, science and technology, CINF will cooperate with more and more foreign companies. We expect to provide more and better service for friends all over the world with our strong technical force and thoughtful service.