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CINF’s Geotechnical Investigation Branch is integrated with several disciplines like mine geological engineering, mineral geological prospecting (exploration), hydrology, geotechnical investigation, geological environment assessment and engineering surveying, etc. The subcompany is competent to undertake various types of complicated geotechnical investigation, engineering surveying, mineral geological exploration and risk assessment of the geological hazards. It is quite experienced in the solid mineral resource exploration, investigation on the water control of the large water inflow mines with complicated hydrogeological conditions, engineering of impervious curtaingrouting and deposit drainage, etc. 
The company has accumulated lots of experiences in mine geological exploration based on the mine geological engineering and by increase of the development intensity in the geological exploration to develop an integrated working system of management, execution and research. The company has undertaken various mine geological investigation, production and pre-production exploration work. The company began to undertake the accumulative bauxite prospecting and exploration in 1990s with about 30 pre-production and production exploration projects completed to develop a set of well-established advanced proprietary technologies, characterized by environmental protection, energy-saving, low CAPEX and high efficiency. And Recently, CINF has been greatly developed in respect of underground mineral exploration. For example, Chongqing 800,000tpa bauxite mine is one of the world largest underground bauxite mines most difficult to mine with complex geological conditions and difficulty in the mineral prospecting and especially fragile hanging wall and footwall of the orebodies. In order to effectively control the orebody and ensure the safety and reduce the mine development CAPEX, the company has established a complete set of safety production management and technical quality management system to effectively control all aspects of the ore prospecting operation as guidance for the pre-production and production exploration in the similar mines.
The company comprises of large assembly of talents, experienced in the study of the water management for the large-inflow mines with complex hydrogeological conditions, research/engineering of impervious curtain grouting and hydrogeological exploration to make alive the idle mine due to the complex hydrogeological conditions. The company’s latest main performances include the research on the underground mining water management in Henan Duancun-Leigou Bauxite Mine, technological research on the underground mining water management in Guizhou Linxi Mine, engineering of grouting impervious curtains in Hubei Dahongshan Cu-Fe Mine and Fankou Pb-Zn Mine, and detailed hydrogeological survey of Yunnan Baoshan Jinhechang Complex Mine, etc.
The company has undertaken over 300 geotechnical works (incl. survey, consultation and supervision) in respect of civil buildings, industrial factory buildings, roads and mine projects, with great improvement  especially in the field of mine construction projects (tailing dam construction and shaft construction, etc.) and with break-through in respect of the geological environment assessment and ground  reinforcement.
The company has actively developed the international business. It has been involved in the prospecting and technical service in Vietnam, Laos, Venezuela, Indonesia, Mongolia, Guinea, etc. The professionals know well about the international applicable geological standards like Australia JORC and Canada CIM and are quite experienced in the overseas geological exploration.
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