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CINF wins multiple National Nonferrous Metal Industry Awards


CINF wins multiple National Nonferrous Metal Industry Awards

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CINF won 4 ministerial level first prizes and 2 second prizes for excellent engineering design in 2012, incl. the first prizes for 1,800,000t/a (6kt/d) Mining and Dressing Technology Upgrading Project in Jiama Copper  Complex Mine of Tibet Huatailong Mining Development Co., Ltd., 180,000t/a PbZn Expansion and Upgrading Project of Fankou PbZn Mine, 15,000t/d mining and dressing project of Nannihu Mo Mine of Luanchuan Longyu Molybdenum Co., Ltd, energy station for combined  generation of cold air, heat and power of Changsha Huanghua International Airport, the second prizes for projects of Xizi Commercial Centre, 2×50MW Biomass Resource Comprehensive Utilization Thermal Power Station of Yueyang Paper Co..

CINF won 4 ministerial level first prizes and 6 second prizes for  excellent engineering consultation achievements in 2012, incl. first prizes for projects of General Planning for the Construction of Lowgrade Bauxite Comprehensive Utilization Demonstration Base of Guangxi Pingguo Aluminum Company, Feasibility Study Report of Tongren Area (Songtao) Mn Series Products Deep Processing and Supporting Project (Phase I) , Feasibility Study Report for Jinchanghe CuFePb Zn Mine of Yunan Gold Mining Group Co., Ltd., Feasibility Study Report of Guangxi Napolonghe Bauxite Mining and Dressing Project, the second prizes for Feasibility Study Report of InZn System Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction Comprehensive Utilization and Upgrading Project of Laibin Huaxi Smelting Co., Ltd., Feasibility Study Report of Ukraine Tokmak Mn Mine 2000kt/a Mining and Dressing Project, Gansu Ximaiguazhou Circular Economy Industrial Park Program (20122020), 800,000t/a stainless band and products lines industry transfer upgrading project, Environmental Impact Statement undertaken by Xiangxi Shengji Alloy Steel Industrial Co., Ltd., Feasibility Study Report of Deep Mining Project of Hunan Baoshan Nonferrous Metal Mining Co., Ltd., Feasibility Study Reportof 3000t/d Mining and Dressing Upgrading and Expansion Project of Hubei Sanxin Goldcopper Co., Ltd..