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CINF introduces Whittle software and conducts application training


CINF introduces Whittle software and conducts application training

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Gemcom Whittle mine strategy planning software is an auxiliary highend designaided software specifically for open pit mine mining and development, through dynamic optimization to determine the basic parameters such as open pit mining limit, scheduling, production capacity, cutoff grade, with rich module contents and powerful calculation function, at present it is one of the most advanced mine strategy planning software in the world.

In order to master the present international most advanced design method with practical value and effectively improve the design competence and international competitiveness, CINF introduced the Whittle software through various comparisons. CINF is the first design institute in China to introduce this software.

On Jan.17Jan.27, 2011, the 10day fulltime Whittle software application training was done by Gemcom experienced senior trainer Mr. Srinivasa Rao Gadi at mine engineering division of CINF.

Right now, Whittle designaided software is applied to practical engineering design by CINF.