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CINF held the 10th English training class


CINF held the 10th English training class

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According to the training plan of 2010 and the business of CINF, the 10th English training class was held on 20th of October in 2010, which was permitted by CHAILIECO. 30 trainees from different department took part in the training class. The training class is divided into two small classes: class A and class B. According to the teaching schedule, the main content of the class are the business spoken English and the guide of preparation of profession post English exam.

In recent years, CINF has made a lot of effort on training talents for international development strategy and pay much attention on foreign language training work. In order to enforce the foreign language level of employees, foreign language level is a requirement in the rising of technical grade and an important index to evaluate the performance of employees.

9 English training classes have been held successfully previously. The English training work has made certain progresses. Employees are interested in English study and their English levels improved fast.