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Board meeting of Rare Metals and Cemented Carbides Magazine held


Board meeting of Rare Metals and Cemented Carbides Magazine held

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The 12th board meeting of Rare Metals and Cemented Carbides Magazine was held in CINF on 18th of October. Vice president and chief engineer Pan Chenxiang showed warmly welcome to the participates as the chairman of board. Mr. Pan gave a brief introduction of the running of the magazine and the board.

28 people presented the board meeting, which comes from research institutes, academies and enterprises which are related to rare metals and cemented carbides field. Leaders from Zigong Cemented Carbides Ltd, Jiujiang Nonferrous Metal Smelter, Anhui Metallurgy Research Institute and Conghua Tantalum and Niiobium Smelter also attend the meeting. All participates affirm the earnest work altitude of the editorial department and the achievement of the magazine since 2004. The magazine has been awarded as a first level technical journal 4 times continuously. Magazine has maintained high excerpt rate on CA and CSA. The academic quality of the magazine keeps improving as well as the social impact.

At the invitation from the board of the magazine, Professor Zhao Qinsheng, tutor of PHD, gave academic forum named Little Things about Wo and Mo Technology on the meeting. He introduced the development on Wo and Mo metallurgy, process, and process equipment.