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Liao Jiangnan, design master in China nonferrous metal industry


Liao Jiangnan, design master in China nonferrous metal industry

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CINF Engineering Corporation Limited

Graduated in 1982 from Central South University, majored in Mining Engineering

Professor Liao is CINF’s president, the professor senior engineer, design master in China national nonferrous metal industry and also Hunan provinciallevel survey and design master, state registered mining/mineral engineer.

In 1997, he was selected by China Nonferrous Metals Corporation as one of the transcentury academic and technical leaders (first level), and acted as a director of Hunan Provincial Blasting Society and a director of Hunan Provincial Rock Mechanics Society.

In Nov, 2006, he was awarded by Hunan Province Excellent Survey and Design Engineer.

In Dec. 2006, he was awarded Excellent Chief Designer in China Nonferrous Metal Industry, in 2008 he was elected as one of the trainees in Hunan Provinciallevel New Century 121 Talents (first level) Training Project. He is a highclass expert enjoying special government allowance. In 2011 he was awarded Design Master in China Nonferrous Metal Industry.

He has undertaken many key projects with awards listed as follows:

The project general superintendant for Research on 5,000tpd Openpit Goaf Disposal in Sandaozhuang Mine, the key research project listed in the Henan Provincial the ninth Five Year Plan, awarded (by Henan Science Committee) the prize for the Technological Advancement;

Chief designer of 5000tpd mining project in Sandaozhuang Mo Mine of Henan Luoyang Mo Group, the 15,000tpd expansion project is awarded by China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association with the first prize for 2006 Excellent Engineering Design;

The main designer and construction technical supervision of Pingguo Bauxite Mine Project (Phase I), which is listed in China 85Year Plan, the project is awarded by China National Nonferrous Metals Industry Corporation and Ministry of Science and Technology with the second prizes for Technological Advancement, the first prize by China National Nonferrous Metals Industry Corporation for 8th Excellent Engineering Design and is the statelevel gold medal winner for 8th Excellent Engineering Design;
Chief designer of Pingguo Bauxite Mine Project (Phase II), the key project listed in the state 15th FiveYear Plan, which was awarded in 2003 by Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region with special prize for Technological Advancement, in 2004 awarded by China Nonferrous Metals Association with first prize for Excellent Engineering Design and with statelevel silver medal for Excellent Engineering;

In charge of the Research on the Mining and Utilization of Lowgrade Ore in Nadou Mine of Guangxi Branch of CHINALCO, which was awarded in 2007 by China Nonferrous Metals Association;

Chief designer of Bauxite Mine of Guangxi Huayin Alumina Project (Phase I), which is invested with about RMB 1.33 billion, the largest initial investment in China for nonferrous mine, with capacity up to 3,900,000t/a, it is the key project listed in state eleventh FiveYear Plan;

In 2008, in charge of the comprehensive management project of 4# Goaf of Guangxi Beishan Mining Development Company Ltd., which was awarded in 2008 by China Nonferrous Metal Construction Association with secondclass prize for Excellent Engineering Design.

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