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Dai Xueyu, design master of China nonferrous metal industry


Dai Xueyu, design master of China nonferrous metal industry

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Dai Xueyu, the deputy chief engineer, professor senior engineer, was graduated in 1982 from Northeastern University, majored in metallurgical engineering. Since 2002, he has been working as the chairman of Engineering Management Research Society of China Nonferrous Metal Association and in 2004 he was awarded by China Nonferrous Metal Association the firsttem Excellent Chief Designer, and in 2006, he acquired the government special allowance as approved by the State Council. In 2008 and 2013 he was elected as Hunan provincial CPPCC member. In 2008, he was honored with the title of Model Worker in China nonferrous metal industry and in 2010 he was honored with the title of Design Master in China nonferrous metal industry.

Professor Dai has been involved as deputy chief engineer and chief designer in the metallurgical engineering for over 30 years of over 10 large and mediumscale metallurgical projects such as Guangxi Dachang In Process Flowsheet Development and In Product Downstream Processing from HighIn Zn Concentrate, state hightech industrialization promotion project of Metal Base Electromagnetic Shielding Protection Materials, 4,000t/a Technical Upgrading and Expansion Project, Development and Application of PbZn Combined Smelting Process Flowsheet, Development and Industrial Application of enriched oxygen CuNi ore Co Operation of Jinchuan Group, 200kt/a PbZn Smelting and Resource Comprehensive Utilization Project of JCC. He is awarded with 1 statelevel second prize for scientific and technological advancement, 1 statelevel silver medal for excellent engineering survey and design, 1 second prize for national engineering consultation achievements, 1 first prize by China Nonferrous Construction Association for excellent engineering design, ministeriallevel first prize for professional technological innovation in engineering design, 4 ministeriallevel first prizes and 1 second prize for excellent engineering design and consultation achievements, 1 first prize and 1 second prize by China National Nonferrous Metal Industry Association for scientific and technological advancement. He was in charge of the engineering design of Indium System (one of the state key research projects) of Guangxi Laibin Smelter, which was the first in China to have applied the brand new process of lowtemperature calcinations of Zn leach iron vitriol residue, filling a domestic gap in the field. In the engineering of Co System Technical Upgrading and Expansion Project and Co Electrowinning Operation, he has made bold innovation to greatly improve the production efficiency.