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Large equipments made by Huachu Machinery Company delivered to Papua New Guinea again


Large equipments made by Huachu Machinery Company delivered to Papua New Guinea again

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On July 24, 2014, several large trucks loaded with trommel washers and launder washers were driven to Shanghai port, where the equipment is exported to Papua New Guinea. Huachu Machinery Company has exported the large equipment again after the exportation of three Φ3000mm×10000mm Ramu NiCo trommel washers in 2008 and one Φ2200mm×7500mm Mn trommel washer to Ivory Coast in 2010.

In recent years, relying on the technical force of CINF and through continuous technical innovation, Huachu Machinery Company has found a new mode for the independent innovation and development. It has successively developed auto Zn stripping technology and complete set of equipment, Zn cathode strip conveying line, anticorrosion lance and dosing lance application in beneficiation industry with independent intellectual property rights, national initiative and the products performance up to the international level. Based on the market and customer’s demand, Huachu Machinery played an active part in market competition, developed and manufactured highquality and highlevel equipment, which promoted the reputation and orders constantly, with the wide international market prospect, it has grown into a fairly powerful nonferrous equipment manufacturing base from a small firm.

The trommel washers used in Papua New Guinea and Ivory Coast project are running in good state to the customer highlevel satisfaction, so the Huachu Machinery trommel washers were used again in the new project of Papua New Guinea. Furthermore, the project put into operation in 2008 used launder washers of other company in China, due to the poor operating effects, the client investigated the use of Huachu Machinery launder washers, the client changed to adopt Huachu Machinery’s products.