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In recent years, CINF has applied for about 500 patents for invention and for utility models, of which about 400 are licensed, many covering the advanced technologies in respect of mining, mineral processing, smelting,

mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, instrumentation, thermal power, ventilation, water supply and

drainage, tailing storage facility and general layout engineering, etc., applicable in the field of mine, smelters,

water treatment and architectural engineering. 40 patented technologies are developed for the mining

industry, incl. mining technology for deep underground mine (over 1,000m) with complicated geological

conditions, the technology for backfilling and non-waste mining, mining technology for the oversize deposits in the high altitude and cold area, technology for open-pit mining and engineering reclamation of oversize karst accumulative bauxite mine, key mining technology for the gently-inclined thin orebodies with extremely

unstable hanging wall of the underground mine, etc.. About 100 patents are developed for the mineral

processing industry, incl. CCF new counter-current contact aerated flotation column, large- size trommel

washer and drum washer, etc.. About 200 core patented technologies and equipment are developed for the

smelters, incl.CSC enriched oxygen side-blown bath smelting technology, technology of Kivcet Zn direct

smelting with Zn leached residue mixed in the charge, technologies of Zn direct leaching and scattered metal

comprehensive recovery and fully automatic Zn stripper, etc..


Some typical patents are as follows:

The agitator for the high-efficiency and energy-saving leaching tank
This invention is applicable for the cyanide leaching and agitation, and also applicable for the agitation of the fine minerals and reagents. Special double-impeller is designed for agitation and leac
The high-concentration agitator
This equipment is adopted in mine backfilling. It is a high-concentration agitator which could adjust the balance of filling material and possess second-agitation function. It can mix the filling mate
The horizontal sand bin for mine filling
This equipment is used in mine filling. With the water filtration devices, the sand bin can store both low-concentration filling material and dry filling material.
The tooth gate vibrating feeder
The equipment is used for vibrating discharge of ore to be controlled in quantity and easy to leak. Electrical tooth type gate is installed on the top of feeder. Height of discharging point could be a
A thickening dewatering device for the vertical sand bin
This equipment is used for mine filling, it is a thickening dewatering device which is installed on the top of the vertical sand bin in mine filling system. It is composed by block ring, sludge collec
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