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Mineral processing technology


Mineral processing technology

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Through decades of technical buildup, the mineral processing   engineering is technically superior mainly in the following aspects:

Mineral processing for the oversize Cu complex mines in the highaltitude and cold zones;

Pb, Zn and sulfur selective flotation with highalkali potential control, the technology is up to the world advanced level;

Column flotation machine and column flotation technology developed by CINF for the flotation of Mo, W, Pb and Zn, Bi and Au;

Fine slime cassiterite flotation;

Fe comprehensive recovery from the red mud out of the alumina refinery;

Gold extraction from the refractory Au ore with solid arsenic and solid sulfur;

V2O5 extraction from the stone coal by acid leaching and solvent extraction;

Refractory ore washing with trommel screen and lauder washer;

W beneficiation by normal temperature rougher flotation and heated cleaner flotation;

Iron oxide red magnetic material and coatings production from the pyrite cinder;

Refractory Pt and Pd ore separation;

Lowgrade oxide Au ore and Cu ore biological oxidization extraction;

Processing of ferrochrome placer and Ta/Nb placer by magnetic separation and gravity separation.

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