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Mining technology

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Through decades of technical buildup, the mining engineering is technically superior mainly in the following aspects:

Technology of the drainage and curtain Intercepting for the largewater inflow deposits with particularly complicated hydrogeology;

Openpit mining and engineering reclaimation technology for oversize karst accumulative bauxite mine;

Mining technology for the oversize deposits in high altitude and cold zones;

≥1000m deep underground mining, ground pressure control, filling decompression, cooling by ventilation and hoisting technologies for the underground mines with complicated geological conditions;

Key mining technology of the gentledip and thin orebodies with extremely unstable hanging wall in the underground bauxite deposits;

Alltailing and paste filling and pollutantfree mining technology;

High stress, weak surrounding rock comprehensive supporting technology;

Mining technology for deposits under buildings, rail line and waters;

Largeblast and large gob disposal technology;

Insitu leaching mining technology;

Openpit and underground combined mining technology under complex conditions;

Digital and intelligent mine design technology.