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Cobalt smelting technology

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CINF is quite experienced in the engineering design of the cobalt smelting operations with well established and advanced cobalt smelting technologies and through continuous development of new technologies. CINF has undertaken the feasibility study, basic engineering and detailed engineering, construction technical service and commissioning and start up of the various cobalt projects such as Hainan Cobalt Smelter, 4,000tpa cobalt plant of Jinchuan Group, upgrading project of 4,000tpa Co production line of Ganzhou Anhua Cobalt Company Ltd., 12,000tpa cobalt operation for batterygrade cobalt oxide and cobalt series products of Tianjing Maolian Technology Company, 6,000t/a production line for cobalt smelting and comprehensive utilization of Ganshu RE Group, hydrometallurgical project of 15,000tpa activated Zn oxide with 20tpa cobalt products of Huludao Zinc Industry Co., Ltd, cobalt slag after treatment project from cadmium recovery operation of PbZn Metal Company Ltd. of JCCL.

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