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Shaoguan Smelter

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Shaoguan Smelter was built in 1966. It is a large PbZn smelter established on the basis of Imperial smelting process (“ISP process” for short) imported for the first time from UK. The production capacity was 75kt in 1987 and won the national excellent design award. In 1992, the capacity reached 100kt. Meanwhile, the second ISP system, the 2nd system of Shaoguan Smelter, with design capacity is 85kt/a, was put into production in 1996 and reached the design capacity in 1996. In 2008, the production capacity achieved 300kt/a by upgrading the two ISP systems. The project won the ministeriallevel second prize for excellent engineering design in 2009.

CINF Engineering Corporation Limited
The Shaoguan smelter

CINF Engineering Corporation Limited
The upgraded sintering area