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Tan Ronghe, chief engineer of CINF


Tan Ronghe, chief engineer of CINF

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CINF Engineering Corporation Limited

Graduated in 1992 from Kunming University of Science and Technology, majored in nonferrous metallurgy, Mr. Tan Ronghe is the chief engineer of CINF.

Mr. Tan has been involved as chief designer of dozens of projects ,incl. 200,000tpa PbZn Smelting and Resource Comprehensive Utilization Project of JCC, Expansion Project of Kalatongke CuNi Smelting Operation of Xinjiang Mining Ltd., Expansion Project of 100,000tpa Zn Fluidizedbed Roasting and Accessory Acidmaking System of Hechi Nanfang Nonferrous Smelting Company Ltd., Project of Technical Upgrading of 100,000tpa PbZn ISP for Comprehensive Utilization,30,000tpa Highpurity, LowSe EMM Project and 20,000tpa, Hgfree, BasicMn electrolytic MnO2 Project of Huiyuan Mn Company Ltd.of Guangxi Investment Co.Ltd.etc. And he has been the technical director for the engineering of many projects such as 500,000tpa Technical Upgrading Project of Cucontaining Waste Slag Recycling System of Jiangxi Heyuan Industry Ltd, 100,000tpa Electrolytic Zn Smelting Project of Huili Huixin PbZn Smelting Co. Ltd., 50,000tpa Lead Bullion Smelting Project of Tazhong Mining Ltd., Project of 12000tpa Batterygrade Cobalt Oxide and Cobalt Series Products, 120000tpa KIVCET Pb Smelting Operation of Zhuzhou Smelter Group.