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Chen Jianshuang, deputy chief engineer of CINF


Chen Jianshuang, deputy chief engineer of CINF

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CINF Engineering Corporation Limited

Chen Jianshuang, professor senior engineer, graduated in 1981 from  the Central South University, majored in mining engineering, is a deputy chief engineer of CINF.   

Mr. Chen Jianshuang has been working in CINF for over 30 years. He has been in charge as chief designer or deputy chief engineer of dozens of mine projects incl. 40,000 t/d mining and processing project of Tibet Jiama Copper Complex Mine, Hubei Sanxing Phase I, Phase II and Phase III projects and 3000t/d Expansion Project of Mining and Processing Operation, 2000 t/d Mining and Processing Project of Jinping Changan Gold Mine of Yunnan Gold Co. Ltd., East Block Mining Project of Jinchuan longshou Mine, Expansion Project of Mining and Processing Operation of Anwei Taiping Qianchang CuFe Mine, Mining Project of Lijiawang Mn Mine (Phase I), 600t/d Mining Project of Ezhou  Huangtuzui Fe Mine. He has been in charge of the technological researches subjects such as Research on the Lowgrade Ore Mining and Utilization of Guangxi Pingguo Nadou Mine, Research on the Interventing pillar stoping process of Daye Dahognshan Shitouzui Mine, Research on the Underground Mining Water Control of Guizhou Lindai Bauxite Mine, Research on the technology of Safe and Efficient Mining  with Low Dilution and Low Loss for the gentlyinclined Bauxite Deposit with Unstable Hanging Wall,etc. He has been involved in the compilation of specifications, incl. Design Specification of Nonferrous Metals Mining, Technical Specification for Bauxite Mine Safety in Production, Work Specification of Underground Opening Installation Works, Assistant Teaching Material for Qualification Exam of Registered National Survey and Design Engineer/Mineral Engineer (mining) and Mining Drafting Standard of Metallic or Nonmetallic Mines.