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Zhang Leru, design master of China nonferrous metal industry


Zhang Leru, design master of China nonferrous metal industry

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Professor Zhang was graduated in July, 1982 from Central South University, majored in metallurgical engineering. He is the deputy chief engineer, the professor senior engineer and a leading expert of CINF. In 1999, he became director of 4thtrem Hunan Provincial Nonferrous Metal Society and also the vice chairman of Science and Technology Committee. In 2010, he was awarded Outstanding Employee of CHINALCO. In 2011 he was awarded the Hunan Provincial Advanced Technologist in Nonferrous Metal Industry. In 2012, he was awarded the National Design Master in Nonferrous Metal Industry. In 2013, he was awarded in CINF’s first Technological Conference Technological Pacemaker. He has been involved as chief designer in over 10 many large and mediumscale metallurgical projects in Shaoguan Smelter, Zhuzhou Smelter Group, Guangxi Laibin Smelter, JCC and Guangxi Nanfang Smelter, etc. The 200ktpa PbZn Smelting and Resource Comprehensive Utilization Project of JCC is China largest PbZn smelting project, where many domestic and international advanced technologies are developed and applied. It is the first in China to successfully apply the Kivcet Pb direct smelting process with Zn leached residue blended to the charge, the project is awarded with ministeriallevel first prize for Excellent Engineering Design. He is the main member of research group for the Study on Pb Direct Smelting Key Technology and Demonstration and has directed several studies such as Study on the New Technology for PbZn Combined Metallurgy and Resource Comprehensive Recovery, Commercialscale Test on the Zn Leached Residue Treatment Process and Equipment in the Enriched Oxygen Sideblown Smelting Furnace, etc.

He has been awarded one ministeriallevel first prize and secondrate prize for Technological Advancement, two ministeriallevel first prizes for Technology Innovation, one statelevel secondrate prize for Excellent Engineering Consultation Achievements with two China Invention patents and several patents for utility model.