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Metallurgical Engineering Manual for Nonferrous Metals


Metallurgical Engineering Manual for Nonferrous Metals

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Metallurgical Industry Press
First Edition in May, 1996, 6.08 million words

CINF Engineering Corporation Limited

CINF is one of the main compilers of the Metallurgical Engineering Manual for Nonferrous Metals, which is awarded by China National Nonferrous Metal Industry Corporation with second prize for scientific and technological advancement.

This manual is a large reference book, which has summarized the 40year experiences in engineering design, construction and production of China nonferrous heavy metal projects. It consists of 12 chapters in 4 volumes of CuNi (incl. Co recovery), PbZnBi, SnSbHg precious metals,  smelter offgas dedusting and general engineering normal data, separately describing various technologies for extraction of heavy metals and associated elements, covering the selection of raw material sand technical operating conditions, products and technoeconomic indicators, main equipment selection, arrangement reference diagrams and necessary metallurgical calculations with lots of technical data and projects listed for readers’ reference.

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