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Modern Lead Metallurgy


Modern Lead Metallurgy

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Written by Zhang Leru
Central South University Press
First edition issued in Dec. 2013, total 440,000 words

CINF Engineering Corporation Limited

The book introduces the metallurgical principles and operations of various modern Pb direct smelting technologies and reviews the latest development of modern Pb directing smelting technologies both at home and abroad in the field of research, engineering design and production. It describes the continuous Cu removal process from the lead bullion, large anode electrorefining process, environmental protection and resource comprehensive recycling. The book consisting of 14 chapters, covering the theoretical base for lead metallurgy, various directing smelting processes (incl. Kivcet process, enriched oxygen bottom blown process, enriched oxygen sidelown process, enriched oxygen top blown process, and Kaldo process), lead bullion preliminary pyrorefining, electrorefining and resource comprehensive recovery.