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Lead and Zinc Metallurgy


Lead and Zinc Metallurgy

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Science Press, First Edition in March, 2003, total 1.22 million words

CINF Engineering Corporation Limited

This book is written specially for lead and zinc metallurgy, covering PbZn metallurgical basic theory, process and equipment, focusing on the new theory, new process, new equipment and advanced achievements.
CINF is the main compiler of this book, which consists of 21 chapters, mainly covering PbZn resource and market development, physical and chemical properties of the PbZn and main associated metals, summary of basic principles and production technological development and experience of the traditional production process. It systematically introduces the recently developed direct smelting of lead sulfide concentrate with overall review of the advancement of the Zn hydrometallurgy process since 1970s (incl. hot acid leaching, high pressure oxygen leaching and various Fe precipitation processes), and systematic description of principles and features of the blast furnace Zn smelting process, PbZn scrap recycling and conventional PbZn metallurgical materials and new furnace material. To be adapted to the market economic development, the book properly introduces the raw material comprehensive utilization and product extension in the PbZn smelters both at home and abroad. In response to requirement of the environmental protection, the book briefs the offgas and sewage treatment methods and synthesize the occupational health and labor protection measures of the PbZn smelters both at home and abroad.