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Yang Yunhua, deputy chief engineer of CINF


Yang Yunhua, deputy chief engineer of CINF

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CINF Engineering Corporation Limited

Yang Yunhua, the deputy chief engineer of CINF, professor senior engineer, was graduated in 1985 from Xi’an Institute of Metallurgy   and Architecture , majored in environmental protection engineering.

In recent years, Yang Yunhua has been the chief editor of several state standards, such as Standard of Pollutant Discharge in Lead and Zinc Industry (GB 254662011), Standard of Environmentalfriendly  Production in Lead Metallurgy Industry (HJ5122009), Standard of Environmentalfriendly Production in Lead Electrolysis Industry (HJ5132009), Audit Guidelines on Environmentalfriendly Production—Lead Bullion Smelting, Audit Guidelines on Environmentalfriendly Production—Electrolytic Lead, Standard of Environmentalfriendly Production in Zinc Metallurgy and Standard of  Environmentalfriendly Production in Zinc Electrolysis Industry. He has completed or reviewed over 100 environmental protection design schemes and over 300 EIA projects in various industries, accumulated rich experiences in the heavy metal pollution treatment engineering design and assessment. Many projects he directed or participated have won statelevel and provinciallevel awards.