Based on the actual engineering requirement and various research and technical achievements, CINF has compiled as editor in chief or as one of the compilers and has reviewed hundreds of national or provincial or industrial technical regulations and codes, covering the design, construction, material application, acceptance and supervision to provide full-range technical guidance to the engineering construction of nonferrous industry. CINF has gained many government rewards for its great contributions to the national, provincial and industrial standard system development. CINF has run technological journals of Rare Metals and Cemented Carbide and Engineering Design and Research. Rare Metals and Cemented Carbide is a bimonthly journal, was founded in 1973, with ISSN 1004-0536, CN43-1109/TF. It is an unique technical periodical for the rare metals and cemented carbide industry, mainly reporting production, processing, research, design and application achievements of the rare metals (W, Mo, Ta, Nb, RE, Ti, Li, Be, Rb, Cs, Zr, Ha, V, Ga, Im, Tl, Ge, Se, Te and Re, etc.) and cemented carbide industry. Engineering Design and Research, run by CINF is a comprehensive technological journal, founded in 1973. It covers dozens of technical fields incl. mining and mineral processing, nonferrous smelting process and equipment, rare metals and cemented carbide processing, etc.. Moreover, CINF has encouraged the technical experts to write books. Several books are published by CINF technical experts, incl. Qualification Exam Tutoring Textbook for National Survey and Design Registered Mining Engineer, written by Prof. Liu Fanglai, the national design master, Modern Lead Metallurgy and Pb-Zn Metallurgy, written by Prof. Zhang Leru, the metallurgical expert and the large mining reference book Mining Handbook, compiled by CINF, etc..

Some typical publications are as follows:

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